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Christmas and New Year's Anthology - 12-Part Album
Professional Dramatization
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  A Christmas and New Year's Anthology. A dramatization in 12 parts from the 1950's that portrays 12 different Christmas and New Year's stories as taking place in both biblical and modern times.

Part 1 of 12: Handmaid of the Lord The story of the long awaited Messiah, the Annunciation and the Birth of Christ.

Part 2 of 12: Strangers Pass By The Christmas story of a modern-day inn.

Part 3 of 12: Common Clay The story of Zachary and Elizabeth

Part 4 of 12: Incident at Bethlehem The touching story of refugees in Bethlehem at Christmas

Part 5 of 12: The Story of Nolie The poignant story of a troubled young girl's surprising encounter on Christmas Day

Part 6 of 12: Cary, the Christmas Ornament The fanciful story of the adventures of a Christmas ornament who meets with a surprising end.

Part 7 of 12: A Child Shall Lead Them The story of how a young girl's faith ultimately surmounts and transforms the sufferings which visited her family with misfortune one New Year's Eve.

Part 8 of 12: Dawn of a New Year A New Year's Eve lesson to be learned for life.

Part 9 of 12: Thou Shalt Call His Name JESUS The story of "Emmanuel" on the first Christmas and Christ's Presentation in the Temple.

Part 10 of 12: Holy Innocents A depiction of the events which led up to the tragic slaughter of the Innocents, with a surprising intervention of God's Providence for one family who assisted the Holy Family.

Part 11 of 12: The King's Pardon The story of the Three Kings: Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar.

Part 12 of 12: A New Year's Story A New Year's story for young adults…tragedy or triumph?



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