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Surviving the New Kulturkampf: The Restoration of Catholic Learning (Monterey 2/10) McArthur
Dr. Ronald McArthur
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  Dr. McArthur, a founder and President Emeritus of Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California, gives an urgently needed prescription for the Reatoration of true Catholic Learning. He discusses the modern danger of looking for the "historical Jesus", and how it is part of the long and bitter battle with the forces of the Enlightenment – forces that, despite their differences, united to "illuminate the mind through science so that they might purge our civilization of the "myth" of Christianity, which had "crippled" it for more than 1000 years. To counteract this malady, we must turn to the Doctors and Fathers of the Church, as true guides in in the intellectual life of the Church, and above all to Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Common Doctor of the Church. We must also be educated in the liberal arts, and be able, as Saint Paul counsels us, be able to give an account of the Faith within us. He consoles us with the observation that the Englightenment has by most accounts failed, and that it is only dangerous in combination with the intellectual disintegration within the Church, along with the effects of the usual weakness, cowardice, ignorance and worldliness that have distorted the Catholic relationship to reality.



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