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These Ruins are Inhabited - Gardone 2008 Album
Dr. John Rao
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  The Roman Forum Gardone 2008: These Ruins are Inhabited.

The talks included in this album are titled:
- The Long Tenth Century (4 parts) by Dr. John Rao
- Ethical Dimensions of the Overthrow of Christian Social Order - Chris Ferrara
- Building a New Christendom - Fr. Brian Harrison
- The Substance and Accidents of a Catholic Society - Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro Carambula
- The Essence and Importance of a Christian Economy - Dr. Brian McCall
- The Work of the Trialogos Foundation - Taivo Niitvagi, Varro Vooglaid
- Scientific Fraud and Modern Society - James Bogle
- Natural Law, Christianity, Tradition, and Inculturation - Dr. Miguel Ayuso
- The Tyranny of Liberalism - James Kalb
- Catholic Media and the Rebuilding of Christendom - Michael Matt, James Vogel
- The Intolerance of Modern Science - David Berlinski
- An Interview of a Scientist by a Philosopher (2 parts) - David Berlinski and Father Richard Munkelt.

4387D-00-AL – 18.2 hours



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