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The Crisis of Leadership in the Catholic Church: Strong Leadership at the Top: From Pius IX to Pius XII - Monterey 3/15
Father Kenneth Baker, S. J.
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  Strong Leadership at the Top: From Pius IX to Pius XII There is a lack of strong leadership in the Church at the present time. The crisis of leadership in the Catholic Church means the Church can't fulfill her two main purposes of existence as the True and Only Church of Jesus Christ: To promote the Glory and Worship of God and to provide for the eternal salvation of souls who have been created for heaven and the face-to-face vision of God for all eternity. This was not the case during the reigns of the six outstanding popes from Pius IX to Pius XII. Father Baker details the many ways that these heroic Pontiffs led the Church and left it strong, growing, rich in vocations, universally respected, and even feared. Father Kenneth Baker, S.J., is Editor Emeritus of the Homiletic and Pastoral Review. He is also a regular contributor to The Latin Mass magazine.



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