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Lives of the Saints: Blessed Angela of Foligno
Professionally Dramatized
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  Relive the lives of the saints, experience their noble pursuit of holiness, and share with them their struggles, tears and selfless sacrifices heroically endured for the God they loved above all else! The dramatized lives of these great saints are the perfect antidote to the deadening secularism which now pervades our society at all levels. Listeners young and old will discover a world of the spirit perhaps never known or half-forgotten. After reliving the inspiring lives of these saints it is certain that the listener will come to understand more fully what it means to know, to love, and to serve God! The Tape version of this talk includes two downloads: 2544D-A and -B. If you order the Tape version of EITHER Download title, you will get BOTH download titles on the Tape: Sides 1 and 2.



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