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The Enlightenment
Dr. John Rao
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  The "back to nature" movement called the Enlightenment is the final element that Dr. Rao brings in to explain the revolutionary changes of the era. He shows that Enlightenment insistence upon "trusting nature" was fueled by Christian disputes, although productive of massive new disagreements as well. In turning men's' eyes to "nature", the Enlightenment inspired some thinkers to see a natural world of mechanical order with no room for free will, and others to see a world with nothing but anarchic free will and no overarching and objective Truth or morality to guide it. The Enlightenment, whatever its specific character, needed to destroy religious influence over daily life. Taken from: Regalism, Revolution, the Reign of Terror and the Assault on Catholicism (1648-1799) - 1998 VonHildebrand Institute



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