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The Black Legends - Part 7 of 13 - Seizing the Image of Nature
Dr. John Rao
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  Dr. Rao explains that Protestant preachers obsessed with charismatic presentations of the inner meaning of the written Word were part of the anti-theology and anti-philosophy movement that began in the late Middle Ages. They depicted a world of "nature" which was totally corrupt and which the Church misunderstood and then tried to baptize in a hopeless venture to raise it to God. Secularists soon entered into this game of claiming to understand nature and needing to do so without any reference to God. All such thinkers "seizing the image of nature" argued that Catholicism deformed nature and made it impossible to deal with the universe in any fruitful fashion. Taken from: The Black Legends: The Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Anti-Catholic Myth - 2003 VonHildebrand Institute



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