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Protestant Rebellion and Catholic Reform - Part 14 of 16 - Obstacles to Tridentine Reform in Germany
Dr. John Rao
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  Tridentine reform in Germany, Dr. Rao explains, was both brilliant and contested. The brilliance came from the aid given by the Jesuits and the German College in Rome, along with support from Austria and Bavaria. Contest came both from those areas which had become Lutheran (Evangelical) or Calvinist (Reformed). Despite Calvin's more independent-minded Church structure, his form of Christianity, like that of Luther, came under princely control in Germany. The awakened Catholic world clashed with the Calvinist advance, which the early compromise of the mid 1500's had not foreseen, and the terrible Thirty Years War broke out, threatening all religious forces and their cause. Taken from: Protestant Rebellion and Catholic Reform (1517-1648) - 1997 VonHildebrand Institute



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