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Christianity in the Late Middle Ages-Early Renaissance - Part 11 of 14 - Internal Purification - Causes for Hope
Dr. John Rao
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  Dr. Rao shows that a surface glance at the condition of the Church in the 1400's can be depressing. There were horrific abuses on every level, which Councils at Constance and Basel could do practically nothing to address. Nevertheless, he explains that certain signs of hope were visible. There were reform "observant" movements in most religious orders which had suffered corruption. Sodalities of all kinds were being formed and pious groups like the Brethren of the Common Life. Perhaps most importantly, Spain was to undergo a major reform in the late 1400's, out of which many sixteenth century foyers of change would emerge. Taken from: Christianity in the Late Middle Ages-Early Renaissance - 1996 VonHildebrand Institute



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