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The Church in the Early Middle Ages - Part 5 of 11 - The Church in Italy and the Empire - II
Dr. John Rao
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  Dr. Rao's two tapes explore many divisions between Italy and the Empire. Popes were horrified at imperial attempts to negotiate with Monophysites and thereby ignore Chalcedon. Romans were outraged over the kidnappings of Popes Vigilius and Martin and the virtual murder of the latter. They felt abandoned by the Exarch of Ravenna to the ravages of the Lombards. They disliked the fact that St. Gregory's independent efforts to defend Rome were treated as treason. Iconoclasm and expropriation by the emperor of the lands of popes who refused to smash images was the final blow to a spirit of cooperation. Taken from: The Church in the Early Middle Ages - 1994 VonHildebrand Institute



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